Santorini: a land of beauty and adventure.


It’s the time to enjoy your freedom with the highest quality down-time you’ve ever experienced. Santorini is one of the most leisurely locations on the planet, whether it’s lounging around our pool and enjoying the spectacular views, or swimming at nearby beaches, relaxing at our spa, tasting wines, touring the island by land or water, Esperas offers the best of Santorini.


Dinner time is very important in Greece. Enjoy local delicacies at our restaurant, or travel your senses through a wine tasting journey at local wineries. Exploring Santorini is a unique journey through pre-history, history, and culture. The world-famous cultural gems of the island are displayed at its museums (Museum of Prehistoric Thira, Folklore Museum, Maritime Museum and more). Santorini, has a lot to say, both historically and culturally. The cultural gems of the island can be found at its museums (Museum of Prehistoric Thira, Folklore Museum, Maritime Museum and more).


History speaks through the windmills and the Castle (Kasteli) at Agios Nikolaos, the Venetian-era Cultural Center “Megaro Gyzi” in Fira and the Archaeological site of Akrotiri. The volcanic era of the island left a rather colorful legacy… The White beach, the Black beach and the Red beach, each covered in colorful volcanic pebbles and sand as indicated by their names.


Your journey through the magic and mysteries of Santorini is not complete without a boat trip (on a traditional fishing boat or a sail boat) to the islets of Nea Kameni, Palia Kameni (the Volcano) and Thirasia, which are just opposite of Santorini.