Why Oia is the best place to stay in Santorini

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Why Oia is the best place to stay in Santorini

If you are organizing a trip to Santorini, then this question has surely crossed your mind: which is the best place to stay there?

We are here to give you the most confident answer to this question: The best place to stay in Santorini is Oia!

This picturesque village on the northern side of the island, built right on the edge of the caldera, with the artistic vibes and the view to the famous sunset is surely the most unique place to stay during your holiday on this Greek island.

Here are in detail few reasons that make Oia the ideal place to stay in Santorini.

Fantastic sunset

The sunset from Oia Santorini is famous all over the world. Thousands of tourists every year head to the Castle, the highest point of Oia, to see the sun diving into the Aegean Sea in a fantastic reddish horizon. In fact, our balconies in Esperas Hotel Santorini offer direct view to the famous sunset of Santorini in total privacy.

Top honeymoon destination

If you are visiting Santorini on your honeymoon, there is definitely no best place to stay than Oia. This small village is frequently voted as the top honeymoon destination in the world. In fact, Esperas Hotel has unique honeymoon suites in Oia: a honeymoon suite with outdoor Jacuzzi and a honeymoon suite with plunge pool. Spend the most romantic holidays of your life in the luxury of your suite, gazing at the Aegean Sea, the caldera and the sunset from the privacy of your balcony.

Picturesque architecture

Oia is a Medieval village perched on the edge of the caldera. Apart from the nice view, this place also has picturesque architecture with paved paths, blue domes, white churches and small cube houses. Vehicles are not allowed in the centre of Oia, which is why the village keeps its calm atmosphere. Many cave houses and Venetian mansions are spread around, giving a unique style to Oia.

Artistic vibes

Due to the unique architecture and the inspiring natural beauty, Oia also attracts many artists. You will see painters along the paved streets, musicians and many art galleries. This place with the strong volcanic energy definitely inspires artists and romantic souls from around the world.

At Esperas Santorini Hotel, you are in touch with all the amazing aspects of staying in Oia.  If you chose Santorini for your honeymoon combine all the above with an amazing stay at one of our honeymoon suites. If you are here for to enrich your travel experiences, let your journey begin from the most quiet and romantic place to watch the world-renowned sunset and enjoy to artistic vibes, the picturesque architecture by strolling around the city.