Famous antivirus company Kaspersky Lab sponsors Akrotiri Excavations

Famous antivirus company Kaspersky Lab sponsors Akrotiri Excavations

Unlocking Akrotiri’s secrets of the past

Kaspersky Lab the famous antivirus company announced that will sponsor a number of activities at the famous archeological site of Akrotiri. Specifically, the sponsorship will help various excavation activities and aims to help scientists and archaeologists to restore the excavation and conserve the spectacular wall paintings that are found at  Minoan Ages ancient village. During your stay at Santorini and Esperas hotel, visiting Akrotiri’s archeological site and museum should be included in your bucket list. The sponsorship was announced at a press conference event that was held in Santorini’s Conference center Petros Nomikos. Present at the event was Eugene Karspersky from Karspersky Lab, Nikos Zorzos Mayor of Santorini, Christos Doumas Director of Akrotiri’s Excavations, Dora Vasilikou BoD member of the Athenian Archeological Society. The event was covered by many Greek and International journalists.

Press conference event of Karspersky sponsorship of Akrotiri Excavation at Santorini

Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab Chairman and CEO explained the importance of the work:

“Akrotiri is an absolutely remarkable site. It’s a treasure for the whole of humankind and there’s a threat it could disappear if it’s not preserved by archeologists. I believe it’s very important to continue exploring the site, as its excavation is likely to bring new artefacts to life. I’m very proud that we can support the research process as well as the preservation of this amazing place for future generations.”

Eugene Karspersky during the press conference event for sponsorship of Akrotiri's excavations by Karspersky Labs

Nikos Zorzos, Mayor of Santorini, during his speech he outpointed the significance of preserving Greece’s cultural heritage and praised Eugene Karspersky true interest for Akrotri’s archeological excavations. He also mentioned that in the near future  he will anoint him as an honorary citizen of Santorini.

More details about the works that will take place in Akrotiri’s excavation you may find here

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Historical background of Akrotiri’s excavations

The original name of the excavated town is unknown and so it took the name Akrotiri from the modern village located near the excavation site.

The first excavation started in 1867 by French geologist F. Fouque. Later in 895-1900  the excavations were continued by German archeologist Baron Friedrich Hiller Von Gaertringen and brought to light the ruins of ancient Thera on Mesa Vouno.

The full value of the site was revealed by Greek archeologist Spyros Marinatos who started to work in 1967 and for 9 consecutive years. During this period he achieved to reveal the full extent of the town and the majority of what can the visitor see nowadays.

archaeologists at Akrotiris's archaeological site and excavations

Esperas hotel is about 40km away from Akrotiri archeological site and its a 1h 30m hour driving distance by car or taxi.