Facts and what to visit at Santorini’s Volcano

walking Nea Kameni

Facts and what to visit at Santorini’s Volcano

You arrived in Santorini and you, probably, are looking for the most interesting thing to do on the island. We suggest you that you should visit something that without it, Santorini would not have been what it is today. The volcano, so simple.

santoniri volcano eruption 1950

Photo above is from the latest volcano eruption back in 1950.

Some history about famous Santorini Volcano

Santorini volcanic history starts about 2 million years ago. Over the years there was an extensive volcanic evolution that can be divided into six main stages:

  • Akrotiri Volcanoes (approx. 2 mio – 600,000 years ago)
  • Cinder cones of the Akrotiri peninsula (around 600 – 300 ka)
  • Peristeria Volcano (530 – 300 ka)
  • Products of the first eruptive cycle (360-180 ka)
  • Products of the second eruptive cycle (180 ka – 1613 BC)
  • Kameni shield (1613 BC – present)

Of course, the most well-known eruption was that the one took place in the Minoan time (about 1613 BC) and let to the extinction of the MInoan civilization.

Other historic eruptions that took place after the bronze age and play big part at today’s appearance of the island are the following:

  • 197 BC (Palea Kameni)
  • 46/47 AD (Palea Kameni that formulated Bankos Reef)
  • 726 AD (Palea Kameni)
  • 1570-1573 (perhaps only one year of the interval, Mikri Kameni, now part of Nea Kameni)
  • 1707-1711 (formation of Nea Kameni)
  • 1866-1870 (Nea Kameni)
  • 1925-1928 (Nea Kameni)
  • 1939-1941 (Nea Kameni)

In any case, all the volcanic activity gave the magical and iconic appearance of Santorini.

Excursion to Santorini’s volcano

One of the most famous things to do in Santorini, and you should include in your bucket list, is to organize an excursion to the volcano. It might be still an active volcano but don’t be afraid. It is not as scary at it once was.

How can I visit the volcano

You have to decide between multiple options. You may attend a boat tour or organize a sail tour or even a private tour. It’s really about to you and what you will really enjoy. One thing is sure that you will have the chance to visit and walk on an active volcano. We suggest you to ask the Esperas Hotel concierge service to help you on your decision and book something for you.

What should you visit

walking Nea Kammeni

So let’s start our lovely excursion! Sailing towards the volcano, the view you are gazing at, from inside of the caldera is magnificent. You will admire it once again on your way back. Dont forget your camera to take a lot of pictures! First stop: Nea Kameni island. You will walk towards the crater of the famous volcano of Santorini. The scenery is amazing and breathtaking. Actually you are standing on a volcano!

Later on, you will move onto Palaia Kameni island and swim, if you wish, in the hot springs here.

hot spings at palaia kameni volcano santorini

Next, is Thirasia island where you will rest and enjoy the local delicacies. Later in the afternoon, you will get on board on your tour boat, for your safe return. Depending on the type of tour you have booked, you can complete your volcano tour by going up the steps from Ammoudi directly to the door of Esperas Hotel.