7 Cocktails that you will never forget during your stay in Santorini and Esperas Hotel

7 Cocktails that you will never forget during your stay in Santorini and Esperas Hotel

Our experiences in life that are associated with strong feelings, images, smells, and tastes is what make them unique memories. Every time we travel and every place we visit has a distinct characteristic. Santorini is a wonder of nature in itself. Staying in Esperas Hotel accentuates your experience on the island. You are flooded with feelings, images, smells and tastes by just sitting on the bar and next to the pool watching the sky, and drinking a cocktail. Not an ordinary cocktail, though. You can choose from a list of special made recipes to match Santorini and all the feelings this island awakens.

1.Sunset Memories -Romance

Santorini is best known for the most beautiful sunset and the colors the sky can take. Esperas’ Hotel location is perfect to watch this mesmerizing sunset. Romance is all you can feel when you lay your eyes on the diving sun. The day gives its place to the night and the magic hour becomes the romantic hour.  Sunset memories is the perfect cocktail to accompany you while you enjoy both the view and the company. The smell of Mastiha liqueur has a vintage sense in it and the tangerine combined with fresh lemon are absolute summer smells.

Romantic sunset memories of Mediterranean fruits paired with liqueur of traditional Mastiha

(Absolut mandarin, Mastiha liqueur, tangerine, fresh lemon)

2. Volcanic Margarita -Passion

When you think of love and passion you realize how explosive these feelings are, just like a volcano. There is no doubt that Santorini is a destination for couples. People come here to propose or get married. Couples have the best of times on this island. It is like the volcano knew and formulated the island, especially for love. Drink the Volcanic Margarita with a Caldera view and feel the black volcanic salt, agave syrup, and fresh rosemary awaken your taste buds.

A different Margarita with scent of rosemary and explosive flavor of volcanic salt and a sweet tone of Agave syrup and pineapple

(Olmeca Tequila, pineapple, fresh rosemary, fresh lime, agave syrup, black volcanic salt)

3. Santorinian Garden – Carefree

Wondering the cobblestone streets of Santorini has a carefree aspect to it. The whitewashed houses, the sea views, the beautiful summer sky and the donkey rides, add a smell of absolute relaxation to your experience. Sit on your terrace or our bar and enjoy the fresh smell of green apple, gin and elderflower syrup, while you unwind and count the moments of bliss that you experience.

Mixed spices, fruits, and vegetables that offer a refreshing combination, with perfumes of flowers

(Bombay Sapphire gin, apple sours, Cointreau, fresh cucumber, green apple, cardamom, ginger, fresh lime and elderflower syrup)

4. Chocolate Lava-Pleasure

Chocolate and pleasure are almost the same things. Lava and chocolate are associated too. The way lava pours out of the volcano, chocolate pours over this cocktail. This is the epitome of pleasure, it is irresistible.  A distinctive cocktail with tastes of dark rum, chocolate ice-cream, and chocolate liquor. What can be more pleasurable than enjoying a cocktail filled with chocolate tastes while relaxing at the best location of Santorini?

A distinctive, decadent cocktail with dark rum, topped with chocolate ice-cream       

(Havana Club Reserva, chocolate liqueur, fresh ginger, tangerine, fresh lime, topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream)

5. Caldera Memories-Tender

Be assured that you will remember every second of your experience in Santorini with tenderness. All the people you will meet in Esperas hotel and the island will treat you with kindness and generosity. This island has been through many disasters but is still standing tall and that is because the locals are strong, tender and gentle people who love their land and take care of it. As they will take care of you and share their memories and story of the island over a Caldera Memories cocktail. Melon, angostura bitters, and matsha liquor will blend in your mouth to create another unique experience and taste.

A fresh summer blend of melon, traditional mastiha liqueur and mint leaves with a touch of Angostura bitters

(Mastiha liqueur, melon, fresh lemon, sugar syrup, mint leaves, angostura bitters.

6. Sweet  Oia – Peace

A feeling of utter serenity runs through your body, while you roam through the streets of Oia. An inner balance comes forward, the mind, the soul, and the body coordinate perfectly. It is the energy of the island that strikes you and you feel liberated by all the pressure. This feeling is amplified as you enjoy a Sweet Oia as you put behind all your troubles. It is a perfect cocktail that balances the tastes of strawberry, raspberry, almond syrup and white rum.

A unique combination of white Rum and summer fruit, topped with almond syrup

(Havana Club Blanco, fresh melon, fresh lime, fresh pineapple, a dash of strawberry or raspberry  and almond syrup)

7. Esperas Dream – Blessed

The locals feel grateful for their land and blessed for its existence. You are blessed too, being on this unique island and filled with energy for life. It is a blessing to be able to relax and spend some quality time with the people or person you chose to share this experience. The experience of being on one of the best islands in the world. Drink to that blessing!

An unforgettable combination of Citron Vodka, traditional Mastiha liqueur, mango and almond syrup, mixed with mascarpone cream and verbena leaves.

(Absolut Citron, Mastiha, mango syrup, almond syrup, fresh lemon, mascarpone cream, Averna and verbena leaves)

Memorable tastes, unforgettable views from our hotel and the awaken of feelings that will follow you even after you leave this island are experiences you cannot miss. These are experiences that will turn into lifetime memories.